Solomiya Bura

+380 966-965-032

I provide crisis and psychotherapeutic long-term care. I rely on education received in the humanities. In my work I use the methods of positive and cross-cultural therapy, gestalt therapy, trauma focus therapy, art therapy and mindfulness.

I have higher medical education. I graduated from Lviv State Medical University in 2002 as a neurologist. Since 2018, working as a psychotherapist. I work in private practice as a psychotherapist and I host of my own anti-stress program "Momento".

I am a member of the Ukrainian Psychotherapeutic University in the field of Gestalt therapy, member of the Association of Preventive and Anti-Aging Medicine in Ukraine. I have a European certificate of positive psychotherapy consultant in Wiesbaden.

In 2017 I have completed a year long internship at the Department of LDMU and practice at the Lviv Psychoneurological Dispensary. Since 2019, I have been conducting trainings for companies on stress management, mindfulness and growth Mindset.

Areas of work:

  • Individual psychotherapy, couples, adolescents, group.
  • Crisis assistance
  • Counseling in difficult life situations
  • Master classes / trainings on personal development, emotional intelligence, stress-reducing recovery program.

Since 2015 I have collaborated in Ukraine with Samopomich, companies: Kormotech, Persona Lux, Svitlichka

Session price 150 PLN

+380 966-965-032